You are a ‘Superhero’

You are a ‘Superhero’

Over the years’ of teaching summer camps children are the ‘Superheroes’ in my life, why?  Because they remind me once again of the innocence of the heart and the mind. It’s not complicated nor is it a secret formula.  They want to be ‘loved’ and ‘love’.  Their hearts’ are pure with a curiosity for life, new experiences and to have fun, a capital F….U….N!!!!  They take us back to the moment, to just ‘BE’.

With the theme of my work to ‘shift’ the bullying culture, I recognize the need for each person to find their ‘Superhero’ within who lights the way to their own greatness.  Martial arts training is about becoming a warrior, a wise one, a person of character and truth.  We honour each others’ differences, respect our weaknesses and strive to be a person that can take on our own fears, challenges and struggles with the philosophy to ‘never give up’. Our belief in ourselves starts to develop and with confidence we can work hard to achieve our goals and celebrate the success of each personal triumph.

We are never ‘fighting’ each other, ultimately, we are ‘fighting’ ourselves. This is my point, it is us, you and I, we are the first person that needs to change, grow and become more.  Our awareness is the key, do we take responsibility for our actions, thoughts, feelings?  How am I affecting those around me by what I say and do? If I am ‘unconscious’ and ‘unaware’ I have ‘no clue’ that how I am behaving and speaking is not ok.  I may also believe in the illusion that I am separate from you which is never the case.   It’s a domino affect, we are all connected.

Children will learn from their role models as you see them imitate their favorite ‘Superheroes’.  I want those ‘Superpowers’; to be invincible, to fly to galaxy’s beyond, to be the strongest most revered of them all.

How can you define your character role within a child’s life?  Firstly, by being your own ‘Superhero’ not your biggest ‘Bully’.  Start new, forgive yourself, try something different, jump to the heights of your own bar – not someone else`s, grow, learn, ask for help, be vulnerable, embrace change.  Show children by your example that they can be GRAND!!!  They want that connection with you for their guidance, support, and love.   We have teachers, mentors, parents and role models in our life for a reason.

These influential people will shape, mold and guide us along our path.  I am a HUGE believer in the monumental moments with many teachers and mentors who have taught such valuable lessons in my life.  Some were positive and some were negative, always a place to reflect and gain wisdom.

When we uncover the complexity of a ‘Bully’, the deep need is to know that I AM SPECIAL, I AM LOVED, I MATTER, and PLEASE SEE ME.   Most often a bully is ‘wounded’ and is struggling to understand their feelings and actions.  It takes time to uncover those layers within themselves.  Being mean, saying nasty things, physically lashing out, gossiping, hiding people’s stuff is never ok…never.  If we have, it needs to stop and clear and assertive action must be taken. Saying sorry goes along way in healing and starting new in any relationship.  We all have made mistakes.

When you find your power within, you stop playing a victim.  You start making different choices for yourself.  Magic starts to happen and the right people, places and love will come your way.  Believe in your heart that you are a ‘Superhero’ most importantly to ‘You’.  Being positive, surrounding yourself with inspirational people, finding your cheerleaders, and following your heart will lead you to places you never knew were attainable.

You deserve all your dreams, wishes, and desires to come true.

With inspiration, wisdom and truth:

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?  – Marianne Williamson – from the book ‘Return to Love’

No one is you, that is your power.