True2YOU – Be Bold – Empowering Girls – April 25, 2018

True2YOU – Be Bold – Empowering Girls – April 25, 2018

Port Moody Police Victim Services Unit and Community Partners Host

Morning Session:
Bold New Girls: Total empowerment and Boldness – beginning with knowing herself and being authentic, connecting positively with other girls, being responsible for her words and actions – especially on social media, and accepting perfectly imperfect instead of trying to look like the perfect images she sees. It will also include how to be brave, assertive, boundaried, and courageous enough to take risks and dream big.

Lindsay is an educator, coach, mentor, consultant, workshop facilitator, and speaker and she is passionate about journeying alongside young people as they navigate the challenges of school and life including: identity and social influence, stress and anxiety management, transitions and change, social media and screen obsession and addiction, and the executive functioning

Martial Arts Demonstration – mpowerlives Come join Michelle Theresa Tremblay, founder of MPower Lives Company, 2nd Degree Black Belt Instructor in this mpowering 30min session to find your inner ninja. Michelle will guide you through a series of effective self-defense techniques, safety strategies and a calming meditation. You will feel confident, strong, beautiful and have fun! Be YOU, BE MPOWERED!

* Journal Writing – Passion to Lead Our mission is to provide young people with innovative leadership programming to ensure that they have the internal resources and external opportunities to think critically, act responsibly, and engage in life fully, bringing their full potential into the world.

* “I AM” Vision Boards This activity will challenge and encourage participants to create a board using value words that describe them to serve as a reminder of who she is.

* “What does empowerment mean to me?” This activity will ask each participant to depict “empowerment”. Each of the participants artwork will be used in a collage.

* TELUS Wise® Youth Ambassador TELUS Wise® offers interactive and informative workshops and content to help Canadians of all ages have a positive experience as digital citizens. Topics include protecting your online security, privacy, and reputation, rising above cyberbullying, and using technology responsibly

Registration Open to Girls in Grades 4-6 • Lunch provided