Testimonial – Revitalized and Shift Your Energy in your business and life

Testimonial – Revitalized and Shift Your Energy in your business and life

Michelle Tremblay presented to our online Grand Connection community of eager entrepreneurs how to Get Revitalized and Shift Your Energy in your business and life.

Working with Michelle has been inspiring, insightful, fun and extremely valuable for both Susan and Carolyn, the founders of the Grand Connection and their community. Her practical, experiential and powerful concepts, simple and repeatable positive processes were the essentials we were looking for to understand our own energy. Her calm nature, genuine leadership and encouragement has given us all the confidence to incorporate a new tool box of foundational strategies to revitalize our lives and business. We learned how to bring awareness to our energy and manage it through specific techniques that incorporated movement, mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

She is a true professional, expert and seasoned speaker with her grounded energy, meaningful messages and innovative ideas. Michelle shared how  hidden aspects of how the emotional energy of fear, anxiety and worry can be shifted through self-regulation which sets us up for success in our work, relationships and life bringing more balance and joy.

As a presenter, she made learning these new skills and strategies engaging, fun, experiential, easy to relate to, and memorable. Our eager entrepreneurs had the opportunity to participate in mastermind breakouts to dive deeper into the exploration of ideas. Her stories brought the important lessons to life that we needed to learn and they were presented with humor and relevance. At the end we were left with a new perspective, simple practical techniques to improve our day to day business success and wanting more. Michelle, you are an inspiration of vitality and grounded energy for us all!

Do yourself a favor and invite her to your next event or conference.  Your participants will thank you.

The feedback we received from our community was overwhelmingly positive. We plan to have Michelle come back again to share more of her impactful support to our members at the Grand Connection to navigate their personal and professional development.