Corporate Mental Health & Physical Wellness Seminars – 1 hour – half or full day 


MPowerED Mindfulness & Play Sessions


These mindfulness and play sessions equip your team with fun and playful activities through the practice of meditation, qigong, yoga and martial arts/self-defense training. Each session is customized to the needs of your business or organization with physical activity, reflection and hands on learning.


-Innovative and creative solutions to enhance productivity

-Simple and effective mindfulness strategies for stress management & self-awareness

-Fostering a healthy workplace environment through communication and connection

-Maximizing talent in your people by focusing on transforming personal and group excellence

-Effectively deal with bullying and toxic workplace environments


These activities create a playful, fun and engaging experience for all team members.



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MPower your Inner Ninja or Yoga Mindfulness & Play SEL Program – 1 – 15 sessions – large groups K – Gr 8 


Theses 45 min – 1 hour sessions incorporate mindfulness, meditation, self-regulation, social and emotionally learning, bully prevention strategies and fun activities.  Social values such as compassion, kindness, and respect mpower the group to reflect, grow and learn from one another.


Movement such as dance, yoga or martial arts/self-defense give each student the opportunity to feel strong, confident and mpowered!

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MPower your Inner Ninja Program – 5 yrs and up – 8 /10 weeks – 1/2 day & full day camps


This mpowerment program will introduce your child to find their inner ninja through self-defense/martial arts, mindfulness, safety guidelines, fitness, and play. There will be a series of fun activities, games, drills, and obstacle courses designed to develop focus and concentration, encourage listening skills and teamwork.


Building confidence, self-esteem and discipline from the inside out with social values such as respect, kindness, and compassion will develop their social and emotional learning and social responsibility.

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MPower your Inner Warrior – 5yrs & up – 8/10 weeks – 1/2 day & full day camps


This mpowerment program aims to benefit your child emotionally, mentally, and physically through martial arts and exercise, focusing on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/ self-defense skills and techniques. The martial arts values such as mindfulness, discipline, respect, and self-defense will be discussed and practiced in a welcoming environment.


Students will be exposed to important lessons on confidence, self-awareness, goal-setting, and self-regulation to encourage growth and development. Technical drills, workouts, and fun games will support their learning as well as following respectful etiquette such as bowing, meditating, and active listening to show respect to their instructor, classmates, and classroom.



MPower your Inner Yogi – 5 yrs & up – 8/10 weeks – 1/2 day & full day camps


This mpowerment program will give your child the exploration of yoga with fun creative poses to calm the mind, body, and spirit. A variety of relaxation skills, breathing techniques, crafts and fun games will support your child’s  social and emotional tools to navigate anxiety, low self-esteem, and a lack of confidence.


This mpowerment  teen yoga program will help each student with flexibility, balance, strength and coordination.  The focus of body movement in a safe, fun and playful environment will support their awareness of the mind and body connection.  Self- regulation and self-care with anxiety reducing exercises will give each teen everyday practices to navigate their world while building their confidence and self-esteem.
 * Journaling, creative writing and art will give each individual the freedom to express themselves.

MPowerED Parent & Child Yoga – 5 yrs & up – 8/10 weeks – 1/2 day and full day camps


This yoga mpowerment program will help develop and strengthen the bond between you and your child. Come together and join us to share a beautiful hatha yoga experience. A union of mind, body, and breath. Get to know each other more deeply as you learn about yourself.


Learn how to emotionally regulate; anxiety, stress, and anger while participating in fun games, yoga partner and breath work. Introduce yourself to yourself and work from the inside out! Come find your peace and tranquility with your “Inner Yogi’!


MPowerED Girls Beauty Inside & Out Program  – 9yrs & up – 8/10weeks -1/2 day or full day camps 


Discover how beautiful you can feel on the inside and out with these mpowering sessions. Build self-
esteem, confidence, resiliency, and self-love in these mpowerment training and beauty sessions. You will
learn basic martial arts/self-defense techniques, mental and physical awareness skills, social media safety
strategies, healthy relationship communication, positive body image awareness, and anxiety-reducing
self-regulation techniques.


Practice yoga, martial arts/self-defense, fitness, and fun activities that will mpower you to love yourself
from the inside and out so you can feel strong, confident, and safe. Feel MPowerED!!


*Session includes make-up, skin and hair care

A group of students performing a scene from a play

Pro- D Day – Spring or Summer Camps – Children & Teens – 1/2 day or full day


These one day or weekly camps will support your child’s mental, emotional, social, and physical well-being while building confidence and self -esteem in a safe supportive environment.


4 Activities will be scheduled for the day:


– MPower Your Inner Yogi: yoga poses and games, self-regulation, relaxation, breathing techniques, & movement – Instructor – Michelle Tremblay


MPower your Inner Warrior: jujitsu and self-defense skills, goal setting, fun games and activities – Instructor – Shaheen Darwiche


 MPower your Inner Ninja: martial arts/karate, self-defense, mindfulness, fun games, bully prevention skills and self-regulation strategies – Instructor Michelle Tremblay 


MPower your Inner Creator: making crafts, journaling and using movement with music to express yourself – Instructor – Michelle Tremblay

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Keynote Presentations:


MPower Youth Talk – Building your Resiliency – Get your Grit!


This 30 – 45 min mpower talk gets real about finding your grit!  Michelle shares her personal journey through discovering how martial arts saved her life in this engaging fun and interactive presentation.  She discusses the struggles, the challenges we all go through that give us tests to truly find out what we are made of and what we stand for.


A focus of movement, music and meditation support the talk with understanding of how crucial our mental health and physical well-being is to endure and move forward on our path.



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Pink Shirt Day Presentation – Anti-Bullying Day – Parents – School Admin – PAC – 1 hour


This mpowerment presentation will focus on “Anti-Bullying Day” in the month of February with the theme of bully prevention strategies to support parents and families in your community.  A discussion on topics such as bullying vs. being mean, self-regulation techniques, boundaries, and mindfulness skills will offer a toolbox to support your child/children’s mental, emotional and physical well-being.


This session will be parent-interactive, educational, and fun with the objective to build confidence and self-esteem in your child while understanding what to do if bullying is happening.


Pink Shirt Day Presentation – Anti-Bullying Day – School & College Students – 1 hour 


This mpowerment presentation will focus on “Anti-Bullying Day” in the month of February with the theme of bully prevention strategies to support the students at College. A discussion on topics such as bullying vs. being mean, self-regulation techniques, boundaries, and mindfulness skills will offer a toolbox to support each student’s mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

This presentation will be student-interactive, educational, and fun with the objective to build confidence and self-esteem in each student while understanding what to do if bullying is happening.



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MPowerED Senior Sessions – 60+ & up – 1 hour – half day & full day 


MPowerED Qi-gong Health & Wellness


Seniors can enjoy an easy practice of qigong movement to relieve stress and anxiety while building their immune system. We will discuss how they can self-regulate emotions so they can shift into a state of calm and peace.


Meditation, gentleness and joy will support their mental and emotional well-being!


MPowerED Seniors Self-Defense Training


In this program, seniors will learn basic and effective self-defense techniques to protect themselves from a potential aggressor with the intention to be aware and focused on their safety. Discussions on body language and posture, mental mindset and voice will be practiced in a safe and supportive environment.

Phone, computer, and financial scams will also be discussed to mpower seniors to be aware of their vulnerability to know what to do in any given situation.

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MPowerED Family FUN workshop 


Does your child struggle with anxiety, lack of confidence and self-esteem?  Do you want to create a stronger connection with your child? This intro-mpowerment workshop will encourage healthy families to be active, create connection and communication through the use of basic martial arts/self-defense techniques, fitness, mental and physical awareness skills, practical safety strategies, assertive communication, and relaxation techniques. You will build confidence and self-esteem in your child through play, fun, and positive interaction. Come find your Inner Ninja!

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