MPower your Inner Ninja – Crossfit Gym – Barnet Hwy

MPower your Inner Ninja – Crossfit Gym – Barnet Hwy

MPower your Inner Ninja Program – Cross Fit Gym – Barnet Hwy

Program Description:
This mpowerment program will introduce your child to find their inner ninja through self-defense/martial arts, safety guidelines, fitness and play. There will be a series of fun activities, and drills designed to develop focus and concentration, encourage listening skills and team work. Social values such as respect, kindness and compassion will develop their social and emotional learning.

Dates: April 22nd – June 24, 2018
Total: 10 sessions
Time: 1 – 2:30pm
Ages : 7 – 12yrs
Gender: Boys and Girls
Cost: $115.00/GST

Open to the general public, limited spaces available! Reserve your spot now.

Parent Testimonial:

“I can see how my son changed after taking your classes. He learned self defense skills, could control his emotion better, knew how to release anger without hurting any one. Your teaching method is also very kids friendly, fun and with easy to understand information.Thank you! ~Vivien WU- Parkland Elementary.

“MPower your Inner Ninja” has been a very popular after-school program at our elementary school. Children and parents alike have requested to bring this programme back time and again. Michelle is a responsible and professional instructor and provides an engaging program while teaching skills that help students regulate their emotions and empower our students to set healthy boundaries. ~ Cheryl Woods, Principal Harbour View Elementary

Please email Michelle at or call 778.228.2005