MPower School Programs – Elementary, Middle & High School

MPower School Programs – Elementary, Middle & High School

MPower your Inner Ninja

This mpowerment program will introduce your child to find their inner ninja through self-defense/martial arts, safety guidelines, fitness, and play.  There will be a series of fun activities, and drills designed to develop focus and concentration, encourage listening skills and teamwork.  Social values such as respect, kindness, and compassion will develop their social and emotional learning.

MPower your Inner Yogi

This mpowerment program involves mindful movements and social-emotional learning, such as breathing and self-regulation techniques, and movements suited for children (animal and nature poses). This program is to help students become more comfortable and confident in their own body. Designed to engage students at their own experience level in a safe environment, without emphasis on competition.

MPower your Inner Artist

This mpowerment program will give your child an opportunity to find their inner Modern Artist through self-expression and play. Each week, we will look at artworks by a 20th Century Abstract Expressionist artist—Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Emily Carr, and others—and then create a piece of art in the style of that artist. To develop social and emotional learning, there will be a specific weekly focus on Mindfulness to develop focus, concentration, kindness, and compassion.

MPower your Inner Rockstar

This Mpowerment program will help you find your ‘Inner Rockstar’ through basic singing, dancing and acting. Learn how to use your voice with great posture and proper breathing to build self-esteem and confidence. Fun games, mindfulness activities and movement will support social and emotional learning and self-regulation strategies. Come prepared to stand out and sing out your “Inner RockStar”!

MPower your Inner Warrior

This mpowerment program aims to benefit your child emotionally, mentally, and physically through martial arts. The values of martial arts such as respect and self defense will be discussed in a welcoming environment, but confidence, self-awareness and proper goal setting approaches will also be incorporated in the discussion as these are important lessons that help students mature. The student will learn practical self defense skills through technical drills, workouts, and games. These skills will focus on both grappling and striking techniques. Throughout the class, students will follow respectful etiquette such as bowing, meditating, and active listening to show respect to instructor, their peers, and the classroom

MPower your inner Physical Strength

This program will strengthen children’s functional movement skills while enhancing their gross motor skills. We will use our body weight to train functional movements while challenging ourselves to set goals and work towards them. Individual trainings and group workouts with positive people will help enrich your child’s life so join us in this team building, functional movement course!