What is mpowerlives?


We are a company that focuses on key solutions to prevent ‘bullying’ and support mental health and wellness  through mpowering each individual to have personal awareness and responsibility, mental health and physical wellness strategies, relationship building skills, self-management tools, leadership development, safety strategies and social awareness responsibility.


Our approach

We deliver our training with a teaching method that combines the uniqueness of self-defense/martial arts, yoga, dancing, acting, singing and qigong techniques, basic life skills communicative practices, self-regulation and stress management techniques, social and emotional learning intelligence,  and holistic alternatives to support the mind, body, and spirit connection.

Michelle Tremblay


Michelle Tremblay, founder of MPowerLives, is highly recognized as a powerful speaker, great motivator and compassionate leader. She is dedicated, committed and inspired to mpower change that offers each individual the awareness to live fully and acknowledge their own true power.  She is a passionate martial artist, health and fitness advocate, and a pioneer in the shift of our human growth and potential.

Her strengths are to maximize talent in people by focusing on transforming personal and group excellence, inspiring future visions for herself and others, working hard to achieve goals, and being strategically supportive to alternative ways to do what works best and most efficient in our changing times.

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Our goal

To educate individuals with the tools and skills for lasting change in their personal, professional, organizational and community environments.