School Testimonials:

“Michelle has an extremely gentle teaching style that is very effective with all of the classes that I have seen her teach. She is very approachable, to adults and students. She is able to quickly establish great connections with the students in a very short time. Usually during the first or second class.  Everything that I have seen her teach is entirely defensive. None of it can be used offensively. This is a fantastic point for the families that are hesitant about letting their children be involved in self-defense.”

Greg Hyslop – Glenrosa Middle School, West Kelowna, BC

“Michelle uses her caring attitude, personal respect for youth, and self-designed program to build self-esteem, awareness, communication and reflection skills in our youth that will better prepare them for the stressful events in their lives.  It is very hands on, and engaging program that incorporates fitness development.  Michelle cares about the students and as a result is able to maximize her time with them to provide a base of confidence for all.  Students greatly enjoyed their Empowerment classes with Michelle and upon completion many expressed a desire for the program to continue longer.”

Malcolm Reid – Principal – Vernon Secondary School

“With dedication, commitment, enthusiasm and passion, Michelle has proven time and time again her ability to reach thousands of youth with anti-bullying training that empowers, inspires and leads students to greater self-esteem and confidence. She is a compassionate leader who has an exceptional understanding of the multifaceted challenges that our youth face in our current world today. I stand behind her work knowing the impact she is making is contributing to a positive and safe school environment in our communities.”

Chris Gorman – School Trustee – School District #23, Kelowna, BC

“Michelle provided her “Beautiful Inside and Out’ Program to our at-risk females ages between 14 – 18. She arranged for guest presenters to provide education and practice in the areas of skin, hair and nail care.  In prepping for the course and throughout the duration of it, I found Michelle to be collaborative, creative, dependable, hard-working, and extremely competent.  She approached our students with good humour, empathy and a tremendous amount of compassion.  At-risk youth can be extremely reluctant and resistant to work with, Michelle had no difficulty engaging with or sustaining rapport with the girls throughout the week. Highly recommend Michelle!!”

Lori Dawson Bedard – Learning Assistance/Direct Instruction Teacher ~ Central Programs & Services – Kelowna, BC

Women’s Self-Defense Workshop Testimonials:

“Michelle is an amazing woman, sharing insights and life skills to keep us safe, and to enable us to recognize and move towards our personal power. She shares her skills and experience with passion, purpose, and dedication to helping others in a respectful, engaging, fun, and supportive way.  I highly recommend you attend her workshops and invite others too! Your life will be richer for the experience.”

Therapeutic Touch Practitioner ~ Laurie Bartley

“The participants in the YWCA Single Mothers’ group in Abbotsford were truly ‘MPowered’ by the workshop that Michelle Tremblay delivered. Michelle’s enthusiasm, charisma, and passion inspired the entire group of women to discover more about tuning in to their own personal power! With martial arts techniques wrapped within Michelle’s life-changing messages, everyone left the session feeling exhilarated and eager to learn more about the services offered through MPower Lives. As a professional who has been through a fair share of workshops, I can honestly say that this has been my favourite workshop to date. We will definitely be inviting Michelle back! ”

Nicole Bell – Facilitator, YWCA Abbotsford Single Mothers’ Group

Corporate Wellness & Staff Workshop Testimonials:

“I wish we could start every work day with Michelle. She provided the team with very mindful insights, positive affirmations, and even self-defense tactics. Such and empowering an energizing way to start the day.”

~Cristina Pereira – Branch Manager – Port Moody Community Branch Vancity Credit Union

“Our team here at Vancity was looking forward to Michelle’s session once we heard about Mpower Lives and what she had in store for us. Our time with her far exceeded our expectations, as she had us energized, engaged, calm, and confident – all within the span of 30 minutes. Our self-defense session filled with positive affirmations left us feeling like a group of ninjas! It was a great team building exercise that we recommend other groups to experience since Michelle did such an amazing job!”

~ Jennifer Taylor, Branch Manager. Van-City Community Branch – Port Coquitlam

“Michelle has facilitated two workshops for the volunteers at Crossroads Hospice. One was for new trainees and the other was a Health and Wellness session for our volunteers during the volunteer appreciation week. I received excellent feedback from everyone who attended and many expressed that it wasn’t long enough.

Her motivation along with a positive and passionate approach to sharing her knowledge and skills in an open and interactive format kept everyone engaged. She is an excellent speaker and presenter bringing lots of humour and enthusiasm to the sessions.

I highly recommend Michelle for any coaching and/or teaching on the topic of behavioral types, understanding communication styles, exploring self-care strategies and identifying personal boundaries.

Michelle was very professional, well-organized and prepared when she arrived for the events and Crossroads Hospice Society benefited from her work with the volunteers. ~Sylvie Jensen – Coordinator Hospice Volunteers

Mpower workshops are engaging, informative and fun!   Our team learned valuable safety tips, we laughed and connected in a way we hadn’t before. Michelle has such a warm spirit and passion for her work.  You can’t help but love every moment. You are left with a feeling of positivity and power within yourself.  You stand a little taller and you smile!   I would highly recommend Michelle and we cant wait for her to come back. We wish we could start every day this way! ~Heather McMurtry  Access Community Therapists

Participants Bully Prevention Training – Vernon Secondary School, Vernon, BC

“We worked really hard to try our best and I like what she taught us”

“I liked her teaching style, her classes were very powerful”

“Loved everything and learning how to defend myself.”

“The stimulation in the lessons didn’t lose your attention”

“It gave a lot of people confidence”

“I liked how it pushed me out of my comfort zone”

“Amazing Instructor!  Great to hear your stories and advice”

“The techniques were cool; learning kicks, blocks and punches”

“Michelle made everything fun and was open for anyone to talk about stuff”

“I laughed a lot and it was so fun!”

“Michelle was understanding, sympathetic, and inspiring”

“I feel better about who I am, I am awesome!”

“Great to get to know everyone better”

“Thank you for showing me how to defend myself.”

“I really like how you would always be there for us”

“Courageous, kind and a fabulous human being”

Participant Camp Testimonials – Okanagan College – Summer Camps – Grade 4 – 6 & Grade 7 – 9

“Thank you for teaching me to love myself”

“I feel so much more confident in who I am”

“You made me realize that beauty is seen by what I have inside”

“Michelle was very knowledgeable and attentive to our group”

“Loved the self-defense, I feel strong and aware!”

“She was very good at keeping it FUN!”

“The emotional release was awesome!”

“I felt safe to talk about things that were going on in my life”

” I made new friends and felt empowered.

Parent Camp Testimonials – Okanagan College – Summer Camps – Grade 4 – 6 & Grade 7 – 9

“My daughter loved the camp.  She walked away with so many great tools”

“All she could talk about was how fun and friendly everyone was”

“I wish I would have learnt this at her age, so powerful!”

“Michelle was so great, we highly recommend her teaching, very empowering”

‘It was so much fun for my son, he was so excited to come to camp everyday”

“I could see the shift in my son’s confidence”

“Michelle had great rapport with the kids, they felt safe and had fun”

Child Care & DayCare Centres – Testimonials

“It was such a pleasure to have Michelle from MPower visit our centre. The children all loved her great energy as well as the dynamic martial arts moves and important confidence building atmosphere Michelle provided.We appreciate Michelle’s teaching style as she spoke about bullying, compassion, and standing up for yourself.  The children had a complete blast practicing their new learned skills and we are looking forward to Michelle returning and working with our staff team.”

Laurie CorPort Coquitlam Daycare Society

“We were lucky enough to be able to have Michelle come to our school age daycare program. Michelle was great and engaged the children with lots of different activities. The children had fun playing games and learning how to kick and punch, along with how to stay safe while using them. After the session the children felt empowered with the tools to use to protect themselves when using them, and how to notice bullying. It was a great learning experience, and one the children will not soon forget.”

Laurie Cocardon, Owner/Operator – Panda Bear Children’s Place, Coquitlam

“Thanks for coming out to our daycare center to teach the children your “Inner Ninja” class. The children loved all the activities you played with them it was both fun and educational. We had great feedback from the parents as the children had to share the experience with them too. Will have you back to teach another class in the near future.”

Terry Penner, Owner/Operator – Caring Hearts Child Care, Port Coquitlam

“I invited Michelle to carry out her innovative program during our School Age Summer Camp without truly knowing what to really expect at first. Michelle has not only excellent training and credentials along with natural ability to teach children, but she has such a positive impact on all of the children. Her caring nature makes for a safe, fun and learning environment.   Almost instantly after beginning, I knew, that children will work hard, but will also laugh and have lot of FUN.  It is a blessing to have a program willing to reach out to teach children new things to explore and expand their minds.”
Rita Langrova, Owner/Operator – Schola Bohemia Childcare Services, Port Coquitlam

“Our out of school group has such great fun time their self defense session with Michelle. We booked a 2 hour intro session and it was jam packed with lots of fun activities and games to keep the entire group engaged and enthusiastic. The favourite activity was definitely the Karate Kick exercise!!! Thanks Michelle for bringing so much fun and energy to our program.”

Shalimar  Abbas – Owner/Operator – Junior Citizens’ Out of School Care, Port Moody

Velocity Athletic Training Radio on Blog Talk Internet Radio – Testimonial

“I met Michelle via a Social Media Network we both belong to and invited her to be a guest on my show, Velocity Athletic Training Radio on Blog Talk Internet Radio. Our discussion was quite inspiring and educational, Michelle’s vision to assist today’s youth is such an important mission. After the show, I connected with Michelle and told her some personal issues I had with my son. Her insight, her knowledge and compassion opened up my mind more to the challenges today’s youth face. I paid more attention to his process of becoming a young man and what I need to do in order to help his process. He is now seventeen, has graduated from high school and earned himself a scholarship to college! I would not hesitate to highly recommend Michelle. Not only was I impressed with her insight and knowledge but as a parent, I was impressed with her compassion, her desire to help others, as well as listen, which is so important for our youth. Thanks so much Michelle!”

 Layla Smolock, President Velocity Athletic Training