About us

Mission Statement:

To focus on shifting the ‘bullying culture’ through educating and inspiring children, youth, adults and seniors to feel confident, valued and responsible in our world today.


Our Goals:

To educate individuals with the tools and skills for lasting change in their personal, professional, organizational and community environments.

To be positive role models for inspiration, motivation, and support.

To offer community resources to support individuals with change.

To collaborate with businesses, non-for profits, and other agencies who are aligned with our companies values and strengths.

To shift the paradigm of the ‘bully culture’ to a place of ‘true mpowerment’.


Our Values:

Respect, Honesty, Kindness, Compassion, Trust, and Safety


Our Vision:

To build individuals, organizations and companies through mpowerment, safety, and connection.


Our curriculum

Our curriculum is cohesive to the new BC Curriculum Core Competencies concentrating on personal awareness and responsibility, positive personal and cultural identity and social responsibility.



Michelle Tremblay,  founder of MPower Lives Company, is highly recognized as a powerful speaker, great motivator and compassionate leader. She is dedicated, committed and inspired to mpower change that offers each individual the awareness to live fully and acknowledge their own true power.  She is a passionate martial artist, health and fitness advocate, and a pioneer in the shift of our human growth and potential.

Her strengths are to maximize talent in people by focusing on transforming personal and group excellence, inspiring future visions for herself and others, working hard to achieve goals, and being strategically supportive to alternative ways to do what works best and most efficient in our changing times.

Michelle is creative, fun-loving, heart driven and teaches with inspiration, humour, and personal stories

Michelle has over 18 years of experience in mentoring, training, coaching, speaking and teaching through various elementary, middle, high school, and college locations,  non-for profit agencies, employment counselling and facilitation through private government contracts, JCI Okanagan, JCI International, Junior Achieve International, and Corporate Businesses.

She is a Certified 2nd Degree Black Belt with 18 years of Karate training; Karate BC insured member registered with Japan Shotokan Association.

  • 2005 Provincial Instructor Diploma, VCC
  • 2005 Effective Speaking Champion – JCI Okanagan
  • 2005 Vice President – JCI Okanagan
  • 2005 JCI Effectve Speaking Training Certification
  • 2005 Fit 4 Defense – Bully Prevention Instructor Certification
  • 2006 NCCP Level 1 – 2
  • 2006 National SPOKE Award – JCI Okanagan
  • 2006 Best Community Development Project – JCI OKanagan
  • 2006 JCI National Chair Effective Speaking Program
  • 2007 Fellowship Award of JCI Canada
  • 2007 – 2015 Instructor/Training – Fitness – Self- Defense – Life Skills – City of Kelowna
  • 2009 Certified Life Coach Practitioner – Canadian Coaches Federation
  • 2010  – 2014 Fit 4 Defense – Bully Prevention Master Trainer Certification
  • 2016 – Self-Regulation – Introduction Certification  – Dominion Learning Institute of Canada
  • 2016 Yoga for a Healthier Lifestyle & Yoga for Flexibility & Strength – Allison Online Institute
  • 2010 – 2015 – Okanagan College Instructor  (Summer Camps, Continuing Studies & ESA/Management & MMS Contracts)
  • 2012 Project Trainer/Mentor – Crimestoppers/Tree of Hope – Fit 4 Defense Youth Initiaitive Project
  • 2013 NCCP Fundamental Movement Skills Workshop
  • 2013 Nominee – “Kelowna’s Most Favorite Female Athlete”
  • 2014 Effective Speaking Coach – JCI OKanagan
  • 2015 Volunteer Orientation – Child Protection Course – YMCA of Okanagan
  • 2015 “The Unmaking and Making of a Bully” & “Anxiety in our Youth Today” Courses – Dr. Neufeld Inst.
  • 2016 Emergency First Aid CPR – AED Level C
  • 2016 Self-Employment Business Program – Douglas College
  • 2016 –  2018 Soroptimist Tri-Cities Member
  • 2016 – 2018 Volunteer & Director  “IamSomeone” Organization
  • 2017 – 2018 All Sport Insurance Policy
  • 2016 Boy Smarts Workshop – Barry McDonald – Langley Child Care Resource
  • 2017-2018 Board of Director  – IamSomeone Organization
  • 2017-2018 Nomination – Best Community Impact – Annual Small Business BC Awards
  • 2018 Finalist Douglas College “Entrepreneur of the Year Awards”
  • 2018 Compassion Fatigue – Early Years Professional Development Centre – Dominion Learning Inst.
  • a current completed criminal record check